Prayer Requests
4/17/14 Please pray for Tammy Richardson. She has stage 4 cervical cancer and is having a really hard time.
4/8/14 Kasten is coming home tomorrow.  Praise the Lord.
4/8/14 Please keep Jean Bostic in your prayers. They have told her the cancer is back.  
4/8/14 Robert Gaskins had the battery in his pacemaker replaced today.  He is supposed to get to
come home today.
Pat Gaskins had her follow up appt with the kidney specialist and he told her her kids had improved
from 30 to 45%.  We are so thankful.  Keep praying for even more improvement. 
4/4/14 Please keep Kenneth Pearson in your prayers.  He has a lot of health problems. Katie Harnage.
3/29/14 Please pray for Maxine Adams. She is Stacey Holbrook's sister. She coded and they transferred
her to Tifton.  Pray for her family also. Brenda
3/29/14 they moved Kasten to Atlanta for therapy.  He was able to walk the whole length of the Hall
with help before they left Macon. Continue to pray for him and his family. 
3/25/14 The MRI was clear yesterday for Kasten and he took a few stops.  
Please continue to pray for him and the whole family. 
3/14/14  Tammy said Kasten's seizures had stopped yesterday. Continue to pray 
for him.  He will probably have to stay in the hospital around 3 weeks and take
3/14/14  Please pray for Gretta Tennison. She will be having back surgery
next Tuesday.
Sue wanted us to please pray for Kenny Brewer. Kenny always needs prayer.
The Lord knows all about it.  
3/13/14  I need you to pray for my son Rusty who lives in Oregon. He is having  such a bad time with health problems and asked me to put him on your prayer  chain, he is a believer in your prayers- we all are. Please tell everyone to pray for  his healing. Thank you in Christ's name. Merelyne Ray  Have A Glorious Day  ^^jj^^ 
3/12/14 Tammy said Kasten had seizures all night Tuesday night.  They were better yesterday afternoon,
but we have to pray for them to stop completely.  Also pray for the swelling to go down and the fever.  
Pray for the family too. 
3/13/14 Please pray for Gretta Tennison. She is having back surgery next Tuesday.  She has been in so
much pain.  Please pray for a successful surgery. 
3/10/14 Please pray for Desiree Purvis.  She is Ami Holbrook's mother. she had a pacemaker put in today
and had a bleed out. She was returned to surgery. She is is in Macon hospital.
3/10/14 Pray for Pat Gaskins. She went to the kidney specialist today.  He sd she has kidney damage from
the diabetes.  on a scale of 1 to 5 she is a 3 now.  one of the meds the doctor had her own is really
bad on the kidneys.  she also has high blood pressure and the blood sugar stays high. Please pray
for her. 
Please pray for Kasten Clements, Tammy and Joe Allen's grandson, Gina's son. He has bacterial meningistis.  
He is in Macon and they have put in a pick line today and a feeding tube.  Please continue to pray. Tammy
said he has swelling and we need to pray that it goes down.  They are feeding him protein and he really
needs that. He is improved, but we have to keep praying for a complete recovery. 
3/7/14 Please pray for Julie Spires. she has been sick for 2 weeks with a severe sinus infection.  Also pray
for her nephew Justin.  He is having stomach problems and they don't know what is wrong with him.  They
are doing a lot of tests to find out. 
3/7/14  Tammy Kent wanted us to pray for Gina's son, Kasten.  He has been running a fever for a week 
and they are doing a spinal tap checking him for meningitis. Please pray for his family too. It is so hard
for them,
3/2/14 Please pray for Sherri Ritchea's son (Adam) and his wife (Trina).  She is having their baby
tonight and it is 5 weeks early.  
3/2/14 Mrs Petty Wanted us to pray for her sister, Frances Reed. She fell, hurt her back and fractured her 
right ankle
3/1/14 Please pray for Nora Jefferson. She is having surgery Monday for cancer. Pray it hasn't spread
and can be contained.
2/28/14 There will be a big work day this Saturday starting around 8 or 9 to work on Family Life Center.
2/28/14 Please continue to remember Taylor. She may possible be able to go home tomorrow but has
a long recovery ahead to heal. Also, Jennifer Cooper is waiting for tests results from spot on brain and possibly
one on lungs.
2/22/14 Please pray for Taylor Howze. She is 16 and was in an accident last week. Her pelvic area was crushed.
Does not seem to have any internal injuries, but will have a long recovery.
Also, remember Jennifer Cooper, Jimmy and Claire McMillan's daughter. Found a spot on her brain
Haven't done any biopsies yet. Pray it isn't anything serious.
2/22/14 Please pray for Vann Jones band manager for Mike Ritchea. He is on the way to Gainesville, FL hospital.  He is 
having a heart attack, high blood pressure and migraines.  Please pray for him right now.
Please pray for Bobby Powell and his family.  They have been going through a rough time.
2/18 Please keep Hillary in prayer. She is in labor and they have sent her to Albany.
Please continue to remember Bro. Damon Hogan and pray for his recovery.
2/17/14  Please pray for Hillary Holbrook. She is 26 weeks pregnant and the baby is already in the birth position. They 
are trying to keep her from having it early.  Please pray for her and the baby. 
2/17/14 Vicky LaPradd is having a hysterectomy Feb. 24th. There are some concerns re her 
prognosis, but she says God is in control. Please remember her and the family.
2/13/14 Nell Chivers wanted us to pray for her grandson Casey Luke.  He is really sick with a virus.
2/11/14 Please pray for Faye and Damon Hogan. They have had bronchitis/pneumonia and he has a kidney stone.
Please pray for Robert Gaskins' cousin Ronnie who lives in Florida. He got burned and is in the burn center.
2/5/14 Please remember Darren Vaughn. He came through surgery today. Pray for his healing and recovery.
Please remember Robert Gaskins. Having trouble with congestive heart failure tonight.
Also, Marlin Vickers having surgery for pancreatic cancer tomorrow.
Remember Diane Luke. Having neck surgery this week.
2/4 Jeanette Bennefield's son Randall passed away about 10 last night. Please remember her. Funeral services will be held Thursday 
February 6, 2014 at 2 PM in the Chapel of 
Lovein Funeral Home with the Rev. Mickey Lindsey, Rev. Mike Bennett and Rev. 
Chris Martin officiating. Interment will follow in the Empire Cemetery. Visitation is Wednesday from 7 to 9 PM. 
2/3 Please continue to remember Jeanette Bennefield's son Randall.
2/3 little JT that rides the van is having surgery tomorrow in Douglas.  Please pray for him. Brenda
2/3 Darren Vaughn is having the surgery on his neck Thursday.  Please pray for a successful surgery. Brenda
1/31/14 Please Keep Robert in your prayers. He is still battling congestive heart failure.  They have made him an appt in Macon with a cardiologist that 
specializes in heart failure.  Pray for Pat also.  She helps Robert a lot and I know she is tired.  
1/31/14 Robert Gaskins said there was a drought in California. They have not had the rain or snow they need. Let's pray for them
because we would want someone to pray for our state. 
1/31/14 Please pray for Meagan Lindsey. She was in an accident and they are taking her to Tifton to check out possible liver bleeding. 
1/30/14 Please pray for Dot Zino. She is in Gainesville. Has had a stroke and bleeding on the brain. Very Serious condition.
1/26/14  Please pray for Koven Luke.  He will have surgery in 2 weeks.
1/26/14 Please pray for Lois Watson and her family.  She was taken off a ventilator today.  
1/23/14  Please pray for Sally Leonard (This is Kevin's Mom.  She has been  diagnosed with macular degeneration. Also, Sam Creamer, Jackie Smith 
& Shirley Campbell. Kim Leonard

1/21/14  Please pray for Denise Starling Duvall. She is still grieving the loss of her husband and has some health issues.
Please pray for Marie Matthews. Taking her to Jacksonville tonight for heart surgery. Very high risk.
Please pray for Gina. She is having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic tonight and is very sick. Joe Allen is very
sick too.
1/19/14 Marty LaPradd in prayer. He is having gall bladder surgery early Monday morning. Also
remember Vicky LaPradd. She needs a job badly. from Shirley Petty
1/19/14 Please pray for Robert Gaskins. He was having shortness of breath today and
some chest pain. 
1/16/14 Please pray for Freddy Brady and his family. He has an inoperable aneurysm and other health issues. Trying to keep him
from having a stroke.
1/16/14 Please remember Mrs. Winona Hendley's family. She passed away last night. Funeral services will be held Saturday 
January 18  at 11 AM in the Chapel of Lovein Funeral Home with the Rev. Mickey Lindsey officiating.  Interment will follow 
in Westview Cemetery.  Visitation will be held Saturday from 9 AM until hour of services. If anyone would like to take food,
please take it to Mrs. Winona's house on Radio Station Rd.
1/16/14 Please remember Jonna Exum. She is having gall bladder surgery tomorrow.

1/16/14 Please pray for Freddy Brady He has an inoperable aneurism and other health issues. they are trying to prevent a stroke.
Please pray for him and his family. Brenda
1/13/14 Please pray for Whitney Fulp Slone. She has crohns disease.  She is Jimmy and Emily's daughter. 
1/13/14 Please pray for Alene Griner's son, James. He had surgery about a month ago for blood clots and had surgery again this
past week for a blood clot in his brain. He came thru surgery but needs lots of prayer. Also, please pray for her son Wesley.
1/11/14 Please pray for Wilma Nix, J.T.'s sister in law. She lives in Oklahoma and is in Hospice with cancer. She has been 
vomiting blood. I forgot to give you the 2 names to put on the 
prayer list.  Herman Creamer and Billy Bray.  They both have prostate 
cancer. le
1/10/14 Please pray for Johnny Lancaster. He had surgery to repair his aorta and they have had to go back in.
1/9/14  Please pray for Herman Creamer and Billy Bray.  They both have prostate 
cancer. Kim Leonard



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