Prayer Requests
2/24/15 Please pray for Margie Webb. She had a set back yesterday. She has infection, is dehydrated,
low blood pressure, and low body temperature. They put her in ICU. Please pray 
2/24/15 Please pray for Brock Tapp. He is two and has pneumonia and kidney stones. He had tonsils,
adnoids removed and tubes in ears last week, then got a virus.
Please remember the families of Maxie Sizemore Spivey, Marian Dixon, Lucille Smith and Melba
2/22/15 Please pray for Charles Sewell's sister, Brenda Brady. She had a massive stroke and 
they air lifted her to Jacksonville.
Please pray for Amanda Roland. She had RSV virus.
2/20/15  Please pray for Roma Jo Cooper.  She is having tests on March 11. Pray for good results.
2/17/15 Please pray for Marie Mullis. Had to take her back to Valdosta by ambulance. She was pale, freezing, throwing up and in pain. Please 
pray it is nothing serious.
2/17/15 Please pray for Sherwood King. He had an accident with his hand in the steering wheel of the tractor. He has a fracture and has to
see a orthopedic doctor. Please pray for no surgery.
2/17/15 Please pray for Phoebe Stone. She is Fred and Ava Nell Stone's granddaughter. She has health issues and doctors can't seem to find
out the cause. 
Also, please pray for Gina Clement. She is in a lot of pain with endometriosis.
2/14/15 Please pray for Amanda and Robert Cox and family. They have a child in hospital in Macon. 
Pray for Judy Kelly. She had a kidney stoned removed and now has an infection in her bloodstream. She is on antibiotics at home.
2/11/15 Special request from Dink.  Please pray that a room will open up at the Hope Lodge in a day or two. The hospital is releasing Margie
tomorrow or Friday and if they can't get her in Hope Lodge she will go to Marietta which is a good drive from the hospital and will also cost them
room and expenses while Hope Lodge will not. It is only 5 minutes from the hospital. God is in control and we know he will take care of it. 
2/11/15 Please pray for April and Aaron Clinton's son Caleb. He is in the Tifton hospital severely dehydrated.
Robert Gaskins is home. His potassium bottomed out. No stroke. He is still very weak. Continue to pray for him and Pat.
Pray for Brock Taylor. He is in Tifton hospital with pneumonia and dehydration. Also our great nephew Dawson is sick. Sue and Larry Futch.
Sherri Ritchea's son Adam is having cervical surgery. Also, he is dealing with some issues that only God can set him free from.
2/10/15 Graveside services for Britten Connell  will be held Friday February 13, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. at Wayfare Cemetery in Echols County. Visitation will be held 
Thursday February 12, 2015 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Music Funeral Home in Valdosta. Food can be taken to Bill and Faye's house but they do not need
a lot. The church will not provide food on Friday.
Please remember Hope Mullis' step mother. She had surgery for blockage and hernias today. Came through surgery fine.
2/9/15 Please remember Dakota that was in the house fire. He is in a lot of pain.
Please pray for the family of Britton Connell. She was in a bad accident and passed away this afternoon. She is Faye and Bill Connell's granddaughter in law
and Thomas' wife. 
Please pray for Robert Gaskins. Taking him to the hospital. They think he has had another stroke.
2/7/15  Please pray for Lisa Coleman family. They had a house fire last night.
Also, Marie Mullis, Hope's stepmother, is in hospital with severe stomach pain and her white blood count is high.
Pray for family of Ferris Keppley. This is Donna Wetherington's father. He passed away this morning in Pennsylvania.
2/5/15 Please pray for 6 year old Logan Lee. He has lung cancer and is being sent to St. Jude's hospital. 
Continue to remember Amy White. She came home from the hospital today but will take a while to recover.
Please remember Sandy Rowan. She will require surgery for Rotor cuff in shoulder. Pray it can be fixed with laproscopic surgery.
1/31/15 Please pray for Jane Herndon. Has pneumonia and oxygen levels are dropping. Does not look good but she is ready to go.
Margie Webb is doing good. Has some nausea and side effects from meds.
Pray for Dorothy Lopez, Jimmy Sparks' mother. She is very sick with colon problems
Pray for Jimmy Hogan. He had surgery on both eyes yesterday.
Pray for Tootie Luke. He had a spot of cancer removed from his tongue.
Pray for Sherri Ritchea's father, John Bush. He had a biopsy for cancer yesterday. Praying there is no cancer.
Please remember Amy White. She had surgery in Augusta yesterday.
1/27/15 Margie's transplant went great today. She has done really good. Just continue to pray for complete healing.
1/27/15 Please remember Margie Webb. Her bone marrow transplant was delayed by one day due to side effects that can occur and the weather keeping
the bone marrow she is to receive from arriving. Scheduled to arrive last night.
Pray for Jack Kent, Lonnie Bell Gilbert's brother. He had surgery and is not doing well at all.
Pray for Quincy McMillan. He has RSV and is on a ventilator.
Pray for Kenny Pridgen's mother.
Pray for the Earl Griffin family. He passed away this past weekend. Mike Ritchea's step uncle.
1/24/15 Please pray for Dink's sister Margie.  She is on her fourth round of chemo and they are introducing new drugs in with it to get her ready for
her transplant. She has had some reactions to it which many people do but it is not easy for her body. They had to stop infusions for a bit due to the
side effects, but as soon as this passes, they will start again. She is to have about six hours of infusions today. Right now she is resting with meds they
gave her to stop side effects.
1/24/15 Please pray for family of Jaybo McKinnon. His wife found him dead yesterday. They think it was a blood clot.
1/23/15 Please pray for a 12 year old boy named Christian. He has been throwing up for 7 days and the doctors cannot find what is wrong. He has been
admitted 3 times and is now on the way back to the hospital. Please pray God will give wisdom to the doctors to find what the problem is.  He loves the Lord
and wants to preach. 
1/23/15 Please pray for Gina's family. They are on the way to Macon to get Kasten's hearing aid for his left ear. 
1/22/15 Please pray for Randy Jones having bypass surgery tomorrow morning.
Also, Nell Chivers is having stomach problems again.
1/22/15 Please continue to pray for Mrs. Mamie Bracewell. She is doing better.
1/21/15 Please pray for Keith Dales baby, Bentley. He has been hospitalized with RSV virus.
1/21/15 Please remember family of Mazella Bennett. Her funeral is Friday at 11 a.m. at Lovein Funeral Home. This is Mary Ruth Medley's
sister. Visitation is Thursday night.
Robert Hughes funeral will be Thursday at 2 at Lovein Funeral Home.  Visitation is tonight. Please pray for these families.
Please pray for Brett Cravey. He works for the state and was run over this morning but praise the Lord he only has scratches and bruises
and a small fracture in his ankle.
Please pray for Dorothy Taylor's brother and mother.
Christine Bryan went through sinus surgery good. Please pray for her. 

1/19/15 Please remember family of Robert Hughes. He passed away this afternoon. 
Please pray for Amy White. She was sick all weekend.
Christine Bryan will have sinus surgery in Douglas on Wednesday. Please remember her.
Dink's sister Margie is starting bone marrow transplant process on Wednesday. Please pray for her
1/17/15 Please pray for June Harris' mother, Josephine Joyce. Had to take her to the hospital this afternoon.
1/17/15 Please remember family of James Shaw. His funeral is today at 2. He is Nell Chivers' daughter-in-law Janice's father.
Also, pray for Jean Bostic. A pet scan has shown cancer in her liver. They will increase meds until April then if not better, will take
more chemo.
1/15/15 Remember my sister, Frances Reed, in your prayers please. She has an infection in her tongue. It is not known how it became infected. 
She also needs prayer for other pain she has and not being able to sleep much at night. Thanks. Shirley Petty
1/11/15 Please continue to remember family of Randy Futch. His funeral was today.
Also, remember Tony Gaskins. Has hurt foot and in a lot of pain.
Betty Royals got good news in Atlanta. Everything is going the way they want it to. Praise the Lord!
1/9/15 Micaiah's blood test came back today at 66,000. We are praising The Lord today for those results. We thank everyone that have been praying. 
Continue to pray for increased numbers as they have a follow up at shands next Wednesday.
1/7/15 Keith and Janet's grandson came home today. His blood count went up from 2 to 21. Will have more blood work
done on Friday in Valdosta. Continue to pray.
Remember Jeannie Steed. She is having heart surgery and really in need of prayer.
Pray for family of Randy Futch. He passed away today.
1/6/15 They did a blood transfusion on Keith and Janet's grandson. His platelets were low. Will do more blood tests tomorrow.
It could just be something viral. We are praying that it is.
1/6/15 Please pray for Bobby and Irene Kent's grandson, Nick Mcanally. He will have surgery Friday to replace a rod in his back.
It may take 8 hours. 
1/5/15 Please pray for Jimmy Croft. He had a stroke yesterday and is in Tift Regional hospital.
1/5/15 URGENT PRAYER REQUEST  for Janet and Keith Powell's 11 month old grandson Miciah. Took him to the doctor today for bruising.
They are sending him to Shands. We really need everyone praying in faith.
Bro. Frank Fletcher came home New Year's night. Please keep him in prayers.
12/28/14 Please remember Frank Fletcher. He will have a heart cath tomorrow.
12/28/14 Please pray for Mamie Bracewell. She is in SGMC with pneumonia.
12/28/14 We will not be holding nursing home service today.
12/26/14 Please pray for Brother Frank Fletcher.  They took him to the ER last night. He has pneumonia in both lungs
and tested positive for the flu. His cardiac enzymes were extremely elevated. They think he may have had a
heart attack. Please pray for him and remember his family.
Please pray for Brother J T Nix. He is in Tifton Hospital with pneumonia.
12/23/14 Please remember Ree Miller's daughter Jessica.
Please pray for Furman Ray. He has pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Very sick.
Please pray for John Folkert from Ray City.  Having some problems and will have tests next week.
Jean Exum came home from hospital this afternoon. She is doing good. Continue to remember her and J.H. recovering
from the flu. 
12/23/14 Jackie Braswell wanted us to pray for Rene Cowart.  He has to go to Augusta Monday to have artery cleaned
out and a stints put in. Jackie works with his wife Tammy.
12/23/14 Praise report. Robert's nurse came this morning and checked his lungs and they are clear of pneumonia.
Please pray for my Uncle Olan Connell. He had a virus and dehydrated. He passed out and broke 4 bones in his foot
during the fall. His wife, Jackie, just had gallbladder surgery last week. They take care of my Aunt Catherine Rowe
and she ended up in the hospital with the virus. Please pray for this whole family. Brenda
12/23/14 Della Allen is in SGMC. She had another heart cath and 3 stints put in.
Pray for Jean Exum. She was transferred to SGMC last night gave her meds to bring heart rate down. she is waiting
on a room bc there are none. Will see cardiologists today. Hopefully she will just have to take medicine.
12/23/14 Ms. Betty had surgery Monday to put a drain tube in left side again. It will be after Christmas when she gets
to go home.
12/23/14 Don Chivers was having test done today and needed our prayers. Also his sister Judy Jernigan has a staff
infection in her nose that is spreading to her eye. Please pray for them.
12/19/14 Please pray for Parker Moore. He had surgery in Atlanta and is in a lot of pain
Pray for Jessica Jones O'Neal. She is 30 weeks pregnant and dialated 3 centimeters. She is Malinda Mathis and Kim Lane's niece.
Also, please remember Amy White. She had her stomach surgery in Augusta today.
Please pray for Jean and J.H. Exum. They are both sick.
12/18/14  Pray for Barbara Lang's two month old baby girl. She has pneumonia and a collapsed lung. Sending her to Macon.
Her name is Callie.
Please pray for Frances Gray Plair. She is having surgery in Jacksonville today to remove a large tumor from her abdomen.
Please pray for Amy White. She is having stomach surgery in Augusta on Friday.
Continue to remember Betty Royals. Had one lung drained of fluid yesterday and having other one today. First one was clear.
Please pray the second one is clear of infection.
12/14 14 Cathy and Tim Gilstrip lost one of their newborn twins. Please pray for this family.
12/15/14 Mrs. Dell Allen had heart cath this morning. Found small blockage and will treat with meds. Continue to pray for her.
Mr. Buddy Sellars is in SGMC with pancreatits. Please pray for him.
Continue to remember Betty Royals. She has a small amount of infection and will have to stay 4-5 more days in Atlanta.
12/10/14 Mrs. Alice Trowell's funeral will be Friday at 11 a.m. at Lovein Funeral Home.  Visitation is Thursday night 6-8 p.m.
12/10/14 Please pray for Frank Fletcher. He fell this afternoon and broke the ball of his humerous completely off where it fits into the 
socket of the shoulder. They are xraying his elbow. Not sure he will be admitted to hospital or sent home to see orthopedist tomorrow.
12/9/14 Please pray for Mary Alice Starling. Has bad headache and earache from infection. Nothing doctors have given has helped so far.
12/9/14 Please remember Robert Gaskins. He is in hospital with pneumonia.
Please remember the family of Alice Trowell. She passed away today. Family is gathering at her home on Hull Ave.
12/3/14 Betty Royals came through surgery well. Continue to remember her and Donald.
12/3/14 Please pray for Cathy and Tim Gilstrip. She had twin baby boys yesterday. They each weighed just over one lb.
12/1/14 Please pray for Mike Ritchea.  He has the shingles. 
11/24/14 Buddy Newbern's funeral will be Tuesday at 11 at Music Funeral Home in Valdosta. Continue to remember Nell
and his family.
Please pray for Pat and Robert Gaskins. Pat has a viirus and Robert having congestive heart problems.
11/23/14 Please pray for the family of Buddy Newbern.  He passed away Saturday.  He is Nell Chiver's brother.  
11/20/14 Please pray for Jimmy Sparks. He is having back surgery tomorrow in Columbus.
11/20/14 Please pray for Dorothy Evans, Rodney Cornelius' mother. She has hearing loss in her left ear from a virus.
Had a steroid shot that maybe will help. She goes back Monday.
11/18/14 Please pray for Dub Danforth. Went hospital last night with double pneumonia.
11/17/14 Please continue to pray for Betty Royals.
Remember Larry Heath. He had a heart attack yesterday. They put in a stint.
Remember the families of Sandra McMillan and Doris Powell.
Please pray for Stella Dampier. She had the croup and flu. She is in Macon. Doing much better
11/16/14 Please pray for Dorothy Monk. She is in Tifton hospital with several health issues.
Please remember family of Sandra McMillan. Her funeral is today at Flat Creek.
11/10/14 Mrs. Betty Royals is back in her room and doing good. Continue to remember her.
11/8/14 at 5:58 p.m. Please pray for Jerri Bradford. She has been in a bad accident
11/8/14 at 5:45 p.m. Please pray for Doris Edge. She was in an accident this morning and has a broken hip. She is in surgery in Tifton now.
11/8/14 Please continue to remember Betty Royals. She has been transferred to Emory.
11/6/1/4 Anyone calling me for prayer request, please use my cell phone, 686-4293. Tammy
11/6/14 Please pray for Larry Futch. Having a lot of back pain.
Please pray for Anna Howell. She had emergency appendectomy this afternoon.
Lisa McMillan has bronchitis. Please pray for her.
Hope Mullis' friend, Michelle Wheeler's twin son, Will, was scheduled to have eye surgery today in Atlanta. They said he was blind
in his left eye and thought it couldn't be corrected but then found out it could with surgery. The surgery was cancelled because of
bronchitis and will be rescheduled in 4-6 weeks. Pray he can receive his sight in that eye.
Please pray for Jean Roberson. She has terminal cancer with 3-6 months to live.
11/3/14 Please pray for Bonnie Barker. She had her first chemo treatment today.
11/3/14 Please continue to pray for Betty Royals. They did not want to do her procedure in Tifton. She will probably be
transferred to Emery tomorrow.
Please remember Frank Fletcher. He had a mini stroke yesterday.
11/2/13 Please pray for Betty Royals. She is having a lung procedure tomorrow afternoon. 
Please pray for Kenny Pridgon's mother. She was taken to the ER in Brunswick.
10/30/14 Please pray for Larry Futch. In a lot of back pain today.
10/29/14 Please pray for Betty Royals. She is in step down ICU in Tifton. Really needs our prayers.
10/29/14 Please remember the family of Leroy Griffin. Also, pray for Florence Sumner. They took her by ambulance
to Tifton with high blood pressure problems.
10/29/14 Please pray for Jack Goosby. A few weeks ago he had chemo and radiation to the brain. He is not doing well
and is back in the hospital. Pray for his soul also. He is a friend of John and Dink's.
10/25/14 Lollie McMillan broke her clavicle. Waiting to get harness and a sling. Follow up with orthopedic on Monday.
Continue to pray for her and mama and daddy.
10/25/14 at 11:40 a.m. Please pray for Lollie McMillan, Barry and Angela's granddaughter. She fell out of a rocking chair
and has possibly broken her shoulder. They are at youth care now.
10/22/14 Please pray for Betty Arnold. She had a really bad stroke. Also, remember Tim Kennedy. He needs
lots of prayers.
10/21/14 Please pray for Billy Rowan. He has fluid on his knee and it is very painful and hard to get around. Has
an appt, for MRI Wednesday. 
Please pray for the family of James Ray Turner from Alapaha. He was killed in a tractor accident yesterday.
10/20/14 Please continue to remember Sandra McMillan.
10/20/14 Please pray for Katie Weaver. She is Joan Hester's granddaughter. They say her brain is sitting too low
on her brain stem and causing fluid build up. She is having tests in Macon this morning. Thanks for your prayers
for Jalee Hayes. She did not have heart trouble but did have bronchitis.
10/15/14 Please pray for family of Eva Diazs. Her husband was killed in an accident at a cotton gin yesterday. 
She is a coworker of Vickie Shoupes.
10/12/14 Please remember Bonnie Barker. Having surgery this week for a lump in breast.
10/10/14  Wilma Hayes has asked that we pray for her little niece, Jalee Hayes. She is quite ill, has been with doctors having tests 
all day and they haven't been able to find what is wrong. The little girl is only about 2 yrs old. Thanks, Nancy 
10/8/14 Please pray for Lisette Melton. She is from Waycross and has had a severe stroke. Please pray for healing and
especially that she can swallow again. She is Laura Mathis' mother.
Please pray for Bobby Jewel. His new kidney has a cyst on it. He is in a lot of pain. Transferring him from Tifton to Emory.
10/4/14 Victoria Mathis had her baby this morning. His heart rate is up so they are putting him in NICU for the night.
Please remember Gannon and his mama and the rest of the family.
10/4/14 Please pray for Sherri Ritchea's grandson Adam Jr. He was admitted to the hospital with severe croup and 
fever. They have transferred him to Macon. He has MCADD deficiency along with the croup and fever. He is not getting
 better. They feel he needs specialized care to reduce swelling in his esophagus.
10/3/14 Please keep Pat and Robert in your prayers. He has been weak and not eating. He has been having a
lot of chest pain and stomach pain.
10/1/14 Please pray for Chance Singletary. He is 26 years old and had back surgery at the Houston Clinic.
10/3/14 Please pray for Dennis Barker. He had a heart attack and is in Tifton hospital.
Pray for Eva Nell King. She has shingles. Continue to remember Nelda Davis. Recovering from knee surgery.
Took Bailey Willoughby to specialist with eyes. Lost sight in one and afraid she was losing sight in the other one.
9/29/14 Please pray for Bro. David Ring today. He is physically exhausted and needs the Lord to strengthen him to speak tonight.
Pray Is 40:31 over him: They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles; they shall
run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.
Pray for Larry Sizemore. He is in SGMC ER with sugar problems.
Pray for Bruce Simmons from Cairo. He has ulcerative colitis and did a biopsy. Pray there is no cancer.
Pray for family of Mary Nix. This is Shaun Nix's grandmother. Visitation Tuesday at Lovein and funeral Wednesday at Poplar Springs.
Gene Luke is in hospital in Dublin with heart in afib. Diane has fell and broken her back. Will have surgery this week.
9/23/14 Reminder that working tonight to put Family Life Center back together for revival. Any help appreciated.
9/21/14 Please pray for Gary Nelms. Have put him on life support. Very critical condition.
9/19/2014 Please pray for Bailey Willoughby. She is 5 years old and has lost sight in her eye. The doctor thought it was
from a tumor. Having more tests today. Please pray it is not cancer. She rides the van on Wednesday nights.
9/19/2014 Please pray for Gary Nelms. Just found out he has leukemia and will start chemo.
9/9/14 Charles Thomas' granddaughter, Kailie, is having surgery this morning in Atlanta. Please pray for her and her family.
9/5/14 Charles Thomas(Chasta Stewart's neighbor) has a granddaughter that was born with the artery that was 
supposed to go to the heart is going to the brain. She was sent to Emory for surgery on Saturday or Sunday.
Please pray for this baby. Brenda
9/4/14 Please pray for Joe Allen. His neck surgery is tomorrow morning in Columbus. We have to be at the
hospital at 5 a.m. Thanks. Tammy
9/4/14 Kevin's test were good. Thanks for prayers.
9/2/14 Please pray for Kevin Armstrong, a friend of Diane Watson's. Pray for good results for a procedure he is having
in the morning.
9/2/14 Please pray for Doug Mullis. Hope's father. He is in hospital with cellulitis in his leg for 2-3 days. He is diabetic and
sugar was high. May have to go back on insulin.
9/2/14 Please remember the family of Larry Rowan. He drowned yesterday. This is Garry Rowan's brother.
Please remember Ricky Cornelius. He has been having a lot of back pain.
Also, Rodney Hobbs. He was in a 4 wheeler accident and will be in a neck brace for couple of months.
8/26/14 Please pray for Ralph Brogdon and Randall Griffin. Ralph had by pass surgery and Randall has
had two heart surgeries and not doing good.
Please remember Dalton Howell today. He is really nauseous.
8/25/14 Please pray for Sheryl Franklin's cousin Ramonda. She has been diagnosed with ALS and is
already in a wheel chair.
Also, please pray for Robert Gaskins' brother Frank. He has two aneurisms on his aorta.
8/11/14 Please remember Bro. Robert Gaskins in surgery this morning and Sis. Pat. She got a lot of fluid
off yesterday and was breathing better.
Please pray for Brock Guynn, 14 years old. He was in a four wheeler accident. He is in Savannah in a
coma with brain swelling. Please pray for the swelling to go down and return to normal.
Please pray for Charles Shiflett. He had colon cancer and now has a spot in his sinus cavity. The only
treatment is through the top of the head. He has done one treatment and refused any more. 
Pray God will intervene and heal.
8/8/14 Remember Paula Craft and family in prayer. She is a teacher in West Memphis, Ark. 
She is the caretaker for her parents and daughter whom have health problems 
as well as she and her husband. Shirley Petty
8/8/14 Talked to Shannon tonight. They will try to take Dalton off vent tomorrow. Everybody please
pray they will be able to. His mineral levels were up today and white blood cell counts in the rest of
his body which are good signs. Please pray for strength for Anna and Greg. Very tired and anxious.
(8/7/14 Please continue to pray for Dalton Howell. They put him on a ventilator yesterday because his
breathing slowed down. They determined today that he has meningoencephalitis. The soft tissue around
the brain and the inside of the brain are both swollen. His is viral.  He is very sick. Please keep praying.
8/4/14  Please pray for Dalton Howell, Anna and Greg's son. He passed out during the night and they took
him to ER. He had had  seizure and had another one at the hospital. Found out he had a serious sinus
infection. They have him on antibiotics and did and MRI.
8/4/14 Praise God! My mama's wrist is healing. Had an appointment this morning and he told her to go home
and start using it. Thanks everybody for your prayers. Tammy
8/1/14  Please remember Carl & Tiffany Hand from Adel. Their baby was born yesterday weighing about 5# and 
has been taken to Emory for heart treatment. This baby is the first grandchild for Curt & Melanie Hand who have 
anticipated this birth with great joy. 
God heals! Request came from Wilma Hayes. 
8/1/14 Please pray for Janice Hamilton. She is in SGMC with heart complications.  Family says thanks
for prayers.
Please remember friend of Malinda Mathis that had stage 3 colon cancer surgery. In a lot of pain.
7/27/14 Please remember Rusty Coleman. He is Shirley Petty's nephew. Will have a heart cath on
Tuesday. Had heart surgery 5 years ago.
7/23/14 Please pray for Betty Browning. Taken her to hospital with pneumonia. Has not eaten in
2-3 days.
7/22/14 Betty Royals in Tifton hospital with pneumonia and fluid build up. Please pray for her.
7/22/14 My niece Audra had her baby yesterday. She weighed 5 lbs 15 ounces. They are both
doing well. Her name is Farrah. Joe Allen is much better today. Thanks for prayers. Tammy
7/22/14 Please remember Dorothy Evans, Rodney Cornelius' mother. Took her to SGMC today
with vertigo and afib heart trouble.
Pray for friend of Dink and John's they call Goose. He had brain surgery today and it didn't look good.
Pray for him and his soul.
7/17/14 Sandra McMillan is doing much better and possibly get to come home tomorrow.
7/17/14 Please continue to pray for Dink's sister Margie. Had surgery to set the break in her leg. She
is still pretty weak.
Robin Exum is having tests on her eye next week. Please pray for her.
7/17/14 Please pray for Jessica Smith. She is 20 with 2 small boys and has terminal cancer. They are
having a bake sale Saturday at Sun Coast Tanning to raise money.
7/3/14 Please pray for Wanda Blackmore. She has cancer and is stopping chemo. Very weak.
7/3/14 Please pray for Sandra McMillan. Taking her to Tifton. She is dizzy and seeing black spots.
7/3/14 Please pray for Clint Ray. He was taken to Emory yesterday. Do not know what problem is.
7/2/14 Please pray for Nicole Rowe. She has a bad kidney infection with fever.
Also, pray for Kathy Demron and her twin boys (born at 32 weeks). They are not sure the babies will make it.
They live in Florida.
6/27/14 Please continue to remember Dr. Harkins. He was transferred to Macon to have 3 bypasses
on the back side of his heart and then will have hip replacement.
Also, please pray for Annabelle Jones, a five month old little girl that was in NICU when we were in
Macon with Kasten. They were hoping to take her home next week, but she has another blockage 
in her stomach. Please pray God will move this out of the way and bless them to go home. It has
been a long journey.
6/25/14 Please pray for Dr. Harkins. He fell and broke his hip Saturday night. In checking to do hip
replacement, they found out he had had a heart attack.  Did a heart cath this afternoon to see what
needs to be done to prepare for hip replacement tomorrow.
Also, please pray for Larry Futch. He is at Super Wow and fell and broke his little finger and also has
a kidney infection.
Remember Eva Nell King. Her potassium was really low and she went to the hospital and they
checked her heart out. She is doing better.
6/25/14 Please pray for Damon Hogan. He has vertigo and battling kidney stones.
6/23/14 Place Marty Lapradd on the prayer chain. He was fishing with family on  a dock and collapsed. 
A nurse there said he had a seizure. He is in a neurological Icu in Memphis. This is my sister's, Frances, son-in-law.
Shirley Petty
6/20/14 Please pray for Robert Gaskins. Passed out at home and took him to ER this afternoon.
Said potassium is really low. Pray it is just electrolytes. 

6/19/14 Please remember Andy Croft. He is in SGMC in very serious condition with COPD.
Also, Margie, Dink Booth's sister, fell and broke her leg last night.
Robert Gaskins surgery will be the week of June 30. Continue to remember him and Pat.
6/15/14 Please pray for LaDonna Bennett's father. He had a stroke today.
Please remember J.H. Exum. He is having a stress test tomorrow morning.
6/14/14 Please pray for Tommy Hurst. He has medical problems and had to go to the hospital today.
6/10/14 Please pray for Kenny Pridgens mother. She fell and they are taking her to ER.
Hunter White is having surgery today. Remember him.
6/9/14 Please remember Gina. She is having surgery tomorrow in Jacksonville to repair herniated tissue
in her pelvic area. Surgery is scheduled for 2 p.m. 
Continue to remember Bro. Robert Gaskins. Still in a lot of pain.
6/6/14 Please continue to pray for Linda Cornelius. she had the tumor on her spine removed. They were
able to remove all of it and there was no cancer. Please continue to pray for her.
6/5/14 Please pray for Bea Roberts. She is having a procedure on her lungs in the morning in Tifton.
Also, Linda Cornelius will have surgery to remove a tumor on her spine tomorrow. Please pray it isn't cancer.
Robert Gaskins had to go to the emergency room last night because his blood was too thin. Continue to
remember him and that the God will give the doctor wisdom and direction to be able to help him.
6/3/14 Please pray for Matisha Davis. She and her daughter were in an accident yesterday. Her little girl died.
Matisha has multiple broken bones, internal injuries and swelling on her brain. If everything goes well
until tomorrow, she will have some surgery. She is Lorene Pafford's granddaughter. Please remember
them in this tragedy.
5/30/14 As many of you already know, Kathy Eaton Wilkerson was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and has taken 
chemo treatments since Feb. 13, 2014. She has decided on an alternative method of treatment, Vitamin C IV therapy. 
Please pray that GOD will intervene through this new method that has not yet been approved by the FDA.  
Thanks, Johnny Holbrook 
5/28/14 Please pray for Robert Hughes and Annette Goncalvez
5/27/14 Continue to pray for Bea Roberts.  She had another scan on her lungs and didn't have
a lot of improvement from the last one.  They are sending her to a lung specialists.  Please
pray for her.  
5/27/14 they will be moving Robert Gaskins to Tallahassee in the morning.  They did find a 
faint pulse this morning on the top of his foot. Please continue to pray for a miracle.
5/26/14 Please pray for Robert Gaskins.  They put him in the hospital in Tifton last night with 
poor circulation in his leg.  They could find a pulse outside but not on top of his foot.  He stayed overnight
in step-down ICU.  They moved him to a room on the second floor today.  They will contact his
cardio-vascular surgeon in Tallahassee in the morning.  
5/26/14 Please pray for Margie, Dink's sister.  She is having to go back to Atlanta tomorrow.
5/26/14 Please pray for Dell Allen. She is having her hip replacement surgery Wednesday.  They have
to re-do the surgery they did before.  She has been in so much pain. Please keep her in your prayers.
5/26/14 Please keep praying for Bea Roberts for healing for her lungs.
5/24/14 Please continue to remember Raymond Roland. He couldn't breath last night and went by
ambulance to Tifton hospital.  Could possibly have blood clot in lung.
Please pray for Emily Bartow. She had surgery to put bars in her spine and hooks and screws to put
ribcage back in place and they twisted her hips. They were only able to get 80 percent correction and she is
in terrible pain. She is only 15.
5/22/14 Please pray for Margie, Dink's sister. Her blood work and bone marrow were all messed up
this time and she has had a couple of bad days.  Will have to stay 15 days instead of 10. Also pray
for John and rest of family back here trying to keep things going.
5/22/14 Please pray for Raymond Roland. He fell Sunday and fractured his L1 in lower back and blew out
a disc. Betty Jo is taking him back to ER this morning with a lot of pain and throwing up.
5/19/14 Jackie Sparks came thru gall bladder surgery this morning well. Please pray for her healing.
Also, remember Wesley Griner and his wife Audra. He is still having to use a walker to get around and will
have a shot inn lower back tomorrow. His wife has a growth on her kidney and will have to go for tests
on June 10th to Shands.
Continue to remember Bea Roberts. She has to go back to the doctor and she is still very weak from pneumonia.
5/13/14 Please pray for Dell Allen. Her hip replacement she had a while ago has went bad and she is in
a wheel chair. She will have surgery soon to correct the problem. Continue to keep her in prayer.
5/13/14 Lesley and Carson Perkins had a baby girl yesterday. Her name is Caroline Clarke Perkins.
Mama and baby are doing good. Keep them in prayer.
5/9/14 Jean came through surgery well. Please continue to remember her and J.H.
5/9/4 Please pray for Stanley Hughes he was recently laid off from his job and is  very depressed. Also pray for 
Sandy Givens and family.
5/9/14 Continue to remember Bea Roberts. She is in SGMC with pneumonia.
5/6/14 Please pray for Jean Exum. She fell this afternoon and broke her left arm. They sent her
home and she is to see doctor in the morning. It looked like a clean break. Please pray for no surgery.
5/6/14 Please remember Bea Roberts. She has pneumonia. If she isn't better tomorrow, she is
going in the hospital.
5/5/14 Please pray for Connie Brown. She is to have open heart surgery tomorrow.
5/3/14 Please pray for Buddy Sellars. He is back in hospital with infection in his leg.
5/3/14 Please pray for Michael James' wife, Charlean. She had twins this week and they are fine but she has
toxemia poisoning and they are putting her in ICU right now (Saturday morning). 
5/1/14 Please pray for Paul Mills and his family. He is in Tifton hospital. A couple of weeks ago he had a procedure
in Jacksonville. They punctured some arteries and tonight they are transferring him back to Jacksonville.

4/30/14 Please pray for Ronald Exum. He has advanced cancer. Give 4 months to live. Pray
for him and his family.
4/25/14 Please pray for Margie McMillan, Jamie McMillan's mother, she had a heart cath this morning
and they said she could need a stint. 
4/25/14 Please pray for Winston Durrance. They found him passed out. He had a gash in his tongue
and has pain in his right side. In SGMC.
4/24/14 Please pray for Michael James' wife Charlene and their unborn twins.  She is in the hospital
with protein in her blood.  Pray she will be able to keep the twins for another week or so before
they have to be delivered.
4/24/14 Please pray for Connie Brown. She has serious health problems
4/23/14 Please pray for Steve Bulington. He is being transferred to Emory. They think he might have
leukemia. Please remember his family also.
4/17/14 Please pray for Tammy Richardson. She has stage 4 cervical cancer and is having a really hard time.
4/8/14 Kasten is coming home tomorrow.  Praise the Lord.
4/8/14 Please keep Jean Bostic in your prayers. They have told her the cancer is back.  
4/8/14 Robert Gaskins had the battery in his pacemaker replaced today.  He is supposed to get to
come home today.
Pat Gaskins had her follow up appt with the kidney specialist and he told her her kids had improved
from 30 to 45%.  We are so thankful.  Keep praying for even more improvement. 
4/4/14 Please keep Kenneth Pearson in your prayers.  He has a lot of health problems. Katie Harnage.
3/29/14 Please pray for Maxine Adams. She is Stacey Holbrook's sister. She coded and they transferred
her to Tifton.  Pray for her family also. Brenda
3/29/14 they moved Kasten to Atlanta for therapy.  He was able to walk the whole length of the Hall
with help before they left Macon. Continue to pray for him and his family. 
3/25/14 The MRI was clear yesterday for Kasten and he took a few stops.  
Please continue to pray for him and the whole family. 
3/14/14  Tammy said Kasten's seizures had stopped yesterday. Continue to pray 
for him.  He will probably have to stay in the hospital around 3 weeks and take
3/14/14  Please pray for Gretta Tennison. She will be having back surgery
next Tuesday.
Sue wanted us to please pray for Kenny Brewer. Kenny always needs prayer.
The Lord knows all about it.  
3/13/14  I need you to pray for my son Rusty who lives in Oregon. He is having  such a bad time with health problems and asked me to put him on your prayer  chain, he is a believer in your prayers- we all are. Please tell everyone to pray for  his healing. Thank you in Christ's name. Merelyne Ray  Have A Glorious Day  ^^jj^^ 
3/12/14 Tammy said Kasten had seizures all night Tuesday night.  They were better yesterday afternoon,
but we have to pray for them to stop completely.  Also pray for the swelling to go down and the fever.  
Pray for the family too. 
3/13/14 Please pray for Gretta Tennison. She is having back surgery next Tuesday.  She has been in so
much pain.  Please pray for a successful surgery. 
3/10/14 Please pray for Desiree Purvis.  She is Ami Holbrook's mother. she had a pacemaker put in today
and had a bleed out. She was returned to surgery. She is is in Macon hospital.
3/10/14 Pray for Pat Gaskins. She went to the kidney specialist today.  He sd she has kidney damage from
the diabetes.  on a scale of 1 to 5 she is a 3 now.  one of the meds the doctor had her own is really
bad on the kidneys.  she also has high blood pressure and the blood sugar stays high. Please pray
for her. 
Please pray for Kasten Clements, Tammy and Joe Allen's grandson, Gina's son. He has bacterial meningistis.  
He is in Macon and they have put in a pick line today and a feeding tube.  Please continue to pray. Tammy
said he has swelling and we need to pray that it goes down.  They are feeding him protein and he really
needs that. He is improved, but we have to keep praying for a complete recovery. 
3/7/14 Please pray for Julie Spires. she has been sick for 2 weeks with a severe sinus infection.  Also pray
for her nephew Justin.  He is having stomach problems and they don't know what is wrong with him.  They
are doing a lot of tests to find out. 
3/7/14  Tammy Kent wanted us to pray for Gina's son, Kasten.  He has been running a fever for a week 
and they are doing a spinal tap checking him for meningitis. Please pray for his family too. It is so hard
for them,
3/2/14 Please pray for Sherri Ritchea's son (Adam) and his wife (Trina).  She is having their baby
tonight and it is 5 weeks early.  
3/2/14 Mrs Petty Wanted us to pray for her sister, Frances Reed. She fell, hurt her back and fractured her 
right ankle
3/1/14 Please pray for Nora Jefferson. She is having surgery Monday for cancer. Pray it hasn't spread
and can be contained.
2/28/14 There will be a big work day this Saturday starting around 8 or 9 to work on Family Life Center.
2/28/14 Please continue to remember Taylor. She may possible be able to go home tomorrow but has
a long recovery ahead to heal. Also, Jennifer Cooper is waiting for tests results from spot on brain and possibly
one on lungs.
2/22/14 Please pray for Taylor Howze. She is 16 and was in an accident last week. Her pelvic area was crushed.
Does not seem to have any internal injuries, but will have a long recovery.
Also, remember Jennifer Cooper, Jimmy and Claire McMillan's daughter. Found a spot on her brain
Haven't done any biopsies yet. Pray it isn't anything serious.
2/22/14 Please pray for Vann Jones band manager for Mike Ritchea. He is on the way to Gainesville, FL hospital.  He is 
having a heart attack, high blood pressure and migraines.  Please pray for him right now.
Please pray for Bobby Powell and his family.  They have been going through a rough time.
2/18 Please keep Hillary in prayer. She is in labor and they have sent her to Albany.
Please continue to remember Bro. Damon Hogan and pray for his recovery.
2/17/14  Please pray for Hillary Holbrook. She is 26 weeks pregnant and the baby is already in the birth position. They 
are trying to keep her from having it early.  Please pray for her and the baby. 
2/17/14 Vicky LaPradd is having a hysterectomy Feb. 24th. There are some concerns re her 
prognosis, but she says God is in control. Please remember her and the family.
2/13/14 Nell Chivers wanted us to pray for her grandson Casey Luke.  He is really sick with a virus.
2/11/14 Please pray for Faye and Damon Hogan. They have had bronchitis/pneumonia and he has a kidney stone.
Please pray for Robert Gaskins' cousin Ronnie who lives in Florida. He got burned and is in the burn center.
2/5/14 Please remember Darren Vaughn. He came through surgery today. Pray for his healing and recovery.
Please remember Robert Gaskins. Having trouble with congestive heart failure tonight.
Also, Marlin Vickers having surgery for pancreatic cancer tomorrow.
Remember Diane Luke. Having neck surgery this week.
2/4 Jeanette Bennefield's son Randall passed away about 10 last night. Please remember her. Funeral services will be held Thursday 
February 6, 2014 at 2 PM in the Chapel of 
Lovein Funeral Home with the Rev. Mickey Lindsey, Rev. Mike Bennett and Rev. 
Chris Martin officiating. Interment will follow in the Empire Cemetery. Visitation is Wednesday from 7 to 9 PM. 
2/3 Please continue to remember Jeanette Bennefield's son Randall.
2/3 little JT that rides the van is having surgery tomorrow in Douglas.  Please pray for him. Brenda
2/3 Darren Vaughn is having the surgery on his neck Thursday.  Please pray for a successful surgery. Brenda
1/31/14 Please Keep Robert in your prayers. He is still battling congestive heart failure.  They have made him an appt in Macon with a cardiologist that 
specializes in heart failure.  Pray for Pat also.  She helps Robert a lot and I know she is tired.  
1/31/14 Robert Gaskins said there was a drought in California. They have not had the rain or snow they need. Let's pray for them
because we would want someone to pray for our state. 
1/31/14 Please pray for Meagan Lindsey. She was in an accident and they are taking her to Tifton to check out possible liver bleeding. 
1/30/14 Please pray for Dot Zino. She is in Gainesville. Has had a stroke and bleeding on the brain. Very Serious condition.
1/26/14  Please pray for Koven Luke.  He will have surgery in 2 weeks.
1/26/14 Please pray for Lois Watson and her family.  She was taken off a ventilator today.  
1/23/14  Please pray for Sally Leonard (This is Kevin's Mom.  She has been  diagnosed with macular degeneration. Also, Sam Creamer, Jackie Smith 
& Shirley Campbell. Kim Leonard

1/21/14  Please pray for Denise Starling Duvall. She is still grieving the loss of her husband and has some health issues.
Please pray for Marie Matthews. Taking her to Jacksonville tonight for heart surgery. Very high risk.
Please pray for Gina. She is having an allergic reaction to an antibiotic tonight and is very sick. Joe Allen is very
sick too.
1/19/14 Marty LaPradd in prayer. He is having gall bladder surgery early Monday morning. Also
remember Vicky LaPradd. She needs a job badly. from Shirley Petty
1/19/14 Please pray for Robert Gaskins. He was having shortness of breath today and
some chest pain. 
1/16/14 Please pray for Freddy Brady and his family. He has an inoperable aneurysm and other health issues. Trying to keep him
from having a stroke.
1/16/14 Please remember Mrs. Winona Hendley's family. She passed away last night. Funeral services will be held Saturday 
January 18  at 11 AM in the Chapel of Lovein Funeral Home with the Rev. Mickey Lindsey officiating.  Interment will follow 
in Westview Cemetery.  Visitation will be held Saturday from 9 AM until hour of services. If anyone would like to take food,
please take it to Mrs. Winona's house on Radio Station Rd.
1/16/14 Please remember Jonna Exum. She is having gall bladder surgery tomorrow.

1/16/14 Please pray for Freddy Brady He has an inoperable aneurism and other health issues. they are trying to prevent a stroke.
Please pray for him and his family. Brenda
1/13/14 Please pray for Whitney Fulp Slone. She has crohns disease.  She is Jimmy and Emily's daughter. 
1/13/14 Please pray for Alene Griner's son, James. He had surgery about a month ago for blood clots and had surgery again this
past week for a blood clot in his brain. He came thru surgery but needs lots of prayer. Also, please pray for her son Wesley.
1/11/14 Please pray for Wilma Nix, J.T.'s sister in law. She lives in Oklahoma and is in Hospice with cancer. She has been 
vomiting blood. I forgot to give you the 2 names to put on the 
prayer list.  Herman Creamer and Billy Bray.  They both have prostate 
cancer. le
1/10/14 Please pray for Johnny Lancaster. He had surgery to repair his aorta and they have had to go back in.
1/9/14  Please pray for Herman Creamer and Billy Bray.  They both have prostate 
cancer. Kim Leonard



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